Wiping the slate clean with saline removal 🧼

So you got microblading and your artist did you dirty, eh? Luckily, you DON’T need to wait years for your brows to fade naturally before you can get them fixed. Saline removal is the solution you need, and it’s making big waves in the industry as a safer, more effective, and less invasive alternative to laser removal.

So what the heck is saline removal and why is it so amazing?? 

+ How it Works

Saline removal works to remove unwanted pigment through osmosis. The salt in the saline solution gently draws water and pigment to the surface of your skin, flushing the pigment up and out. After a few sessions, you’ll be left with virgin skin again that’s ready to be re-microbladed. ☺

+ A Non-Laser-Approach 

Compared to laser removal, saline removal is a gentler, more natural process. The saline solution gradually and gently breaks down the pigment, allowing your body to flush the pigment up and out of your brows over a few sessions. The gradual fading process is one of the key benefits of saline removal, as it allows for a slower, more gentle transition towards virgin brows again. This service is particularly favoured by those with sensitive or reactive skin.

+ Zero Impact on Hair Growth 

It’s no secret that laser is hot, and not the steamy, sexy kind of hot we all wish it was. Laser removal works by breaking up the ink into microscopic fragments while reaching temps between 300-900*C— so with laser removal, you can kiss your brow hairs goodbye

On the other hand, saline removal gently works through your brow hair, leaving it in-tact and untouched, and with no negative or lasting effects on your hair growth. 

+ Leaves No Trace Behind

One of the remarkable advantages of saline removal over laser is its ability to better address a broader spectrum of pigment and ink colours. Laser removal frequently leaves behind discoloured remnants of certain pigment colours, especially greens, blues, and most notable, highlighter yellow. When these colours are left behind, it limits our ability to re-work your brows. In contrast, saline removal excels at targeting and lifting a broader spectrum of colours, leading to more consistent results, ensuring you can achieve a truly clean slate. 


Ready for a Fresh Start?With over seven years of experience correcting, fixing, and removing other technician’s work, I have yet to find a pair of previously microbladed brows that I couldn’t save. If you have previous microblading that you’re unhappy with reach out to me via email HERE.
I promise that this time around, your brows are in much better hands!

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