Saline Removal

Wiping the slate clean

A Fresh Start with

Saline Removal

Your Solution to Correct Microblading Mishaps.

If you’re unhappy with a less-than-ideal microblading result, you don’t have to wait years for it to fade naturally. Saline removal is the answer, and it’s gaining recognition in the industry as a safer, more effective, and less invasive alternative to laser removal.

The Science Behind

Saline Removal

Saline removal operates on the principle of osmosis, gently drawing water and pigment to your skin’s surface using a saline solution. This flushes the unwanted pigment out, leaving you with clean, ready-to-repair skin after a few sessions.

Why Choose Saline Over Laser Removal?
Saline removal offers numerous benefits, including a gentler, more natural process compared to laser removal. It won’t harm your brow hair, unlike the high-heat laser, which can damage it. Furthermore, saline removal excels at removing a wide spectrum of pigment colors, leaving no traces behind and providing you with a truly clean slate for your beauty journey.

The Details

Our Hygiene Standards

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of cleanliness and pathogen prevention. Our studio is fully disinfected before & after each client.

Our Tools

We use single-use, sterilized tools for each client. ALL sterile packaging is opened in front of you prior to starting your treatment. We NEVER reuse these tools.

Our Materials

We only use the highest quality pigments and materials in our studio. This means that all creams, pigments and topical numbing gels that we use are vegan, cruelty free, and most importantly, safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin.

Saline Removal Pricing

  • Saline Removal / per session $275 CAD


I have microblading from a previous studio that I’m not happy with. Can you correct it?

Take a deep breath—everything will be okay. If you have previously tattooed brows that you’re unhappy with, we’re here to help. 🙂

Please share some photos with us for a thorough assessment by emailing them to us HERE.

It’s important to note that there are instances where corrections may not be the best option. In such cases, we will work together on a gentle saline removal treatment plan for you. This allows us to remove any previous pigment, giving you a clean canvas to start fresh.

Saline removal is the safest, quickest and most effective way of removing old microblading or eyebrow tattooing. The technique uses a specialized saline solution (salt + purified water) and a machine to break up and remove bad/unwanted pigment from the skin.

This can happen if the previous work was done by an inexperienced artist or if the pigment was placed too deeply and unevenly.

If your brows are feeling less than perfect—whether they’re too thick, too thin, or just not quite right—saline removal is a gentle, effective solution. 

Saline removal gently breaks up the healed pigment and then lifts it out of the skin using a specialized saline removal solution. Once the saline is in the skin, it uses osmosis to pull the old pigment up and out. The skin containing the pigment will dry out, removing the pigment during the skins natural healing process. Depending on the size, depth, and darkness of the tattoo, multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired level of lightening or removal.

To remove cosmetic tattooing (microblading, nano brows, powder brows, lip blush, faux freckles) saline removal is the better choice. It is safer, quicker, gentler, and more effective than laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal can only remove certain colours and pigments, which means it will leave behind the colours its unable to remove. If a pigment is composed of black, red, and yellow, the laser tattoo machine might only be able to remove the black and red pigment, leaving behind the yellow pigment. Additionally, since laser tattoo removal machine can only remove one colour at a time, you will need a lot more sessions to target all of the different pigment colours.

On the other hand, Saline removal does not “see” colours, therefore, it will lighten the entire tattoo and all of the existing pigment at once, regardless of how many colours it is comprised of. We like to think of saline removal like a shovel, it simply picks up all of the pigment, and throws it right out. When in doubt, saline first, THEN laser.

We only use the best on the market: BOTCHED INK. Botched Ink is the most effective saline removal product due to its exceptionally high salt concentration. It uses dead sea salt and has the highest concentration of saline out of all the saline removal products on the market. It is especially made to remove and lighten cosmetic tattoos and has ingredients that are both effective at removing pigment and healing skin quickly.

Absolutely! Saline removal works incredibly well on old eyebrow tattoos and we’ve seen so much success in removing them so we can give lots of women new, more realistic and beautiful microblading!

The number of saline removal sessions you will need varies greatly depending on how saturated with pigment your eyebrows are, when you had them done, and how deep the pigment has been implanted. As a guide, we always recommend a client mentally and financially commit to at least 3 saline removal sessions. An estimate on how many sessions are needed for your specific case will be given after the first couple of saline removal sessions are completed and your healed results can be assessed.

If you received a fresh cosmetic tattoo and are unhappy with it, please contact us immediately. We can work on it up to 48 hours after you’ve gotten it done. If it has been more than 48 hours, you will need to wait a minimum of 6 weeks before starting saline removal treatments.

Not at all! Saline removal is a gentle process that has no negative effect on the hair follicles. Your hair growth will be unaffected.

Not at all! When saline removal is performed by a trained and experienced technician, no scarring or damage of the skin will happen. When performed correctly, saline removal is a gentle, effective, and quick way of removing unwanted cosmetic tattoos.

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