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Can I book without a deposit?

No, sorry! A deposit is required in order to book and confirm every appointment. This deposit will be deducted from your overall cost. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable.

We have detailed pre-care instructions listed HERE. It is highly beneficial to follow these instructions to achieve the best results possible.

We’re so thankful you asked! A full rundown of our studio policies can be found HERE.

Appointments typically take 3 hours. We want you to be comfortable during your session so please come to your appointment well fed and well hydrated! Minus the caffeine, of course!

All of the before and after photos you see on our website and social media are taken immediately after finishing the procedure. Your eyebrows may appear slightly darker in colour for the first few days, but you will have no redness or swelling. You will be fine to resume your normal routine and go back to work the same day. Please view our detailed aftercare instructions HERE.

Our studio is located at 108 Finch Avenue West, Toronto, M2N 6W6.

If you are driving, we have plenty of free onsite parking. If you are taking the subway, we are conveniently located 2 blocks away from Finch subway station (Yonge and Finch).

Please keep in mind that our studio operates by appointment only and we are unable to accept drop ins or walk in appointments for any reason.


Please note that we are unable to accept E-TRANSFER payments.

Gratuity is neither mandatory or expected, but it is always appreciated and a wonderful way to show appreciation for your artist’s hard work and talent! 🙂

Is microblading painful?

Not at all! A highly-effective, topical anesthetic cream and gel are used for numbing before and during your procedure to ensure a painless experience. Please note that having this service performed during your menstrual cycle may make you more sensitive to discomfort.

Out of an abundance of precaution, we do not perform cosmetic tattooing on pregnant or nursing women. We would absolutely love to have you in afterwards!

Microblading is a safe and gentle procedure that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. The pigments and numbing creams used are hypoallergenic and non-irritating to even the most reactive skin.

Not at all! Microblading is a gentle process that has no negative effect on the hair follicles. Your hair growth will be unaffected.

Absolutely! Microblading is a fantastic way to cover up a scar or sparse areas of the brow. We can either cover it up, or enhance it by making it more noticeable. It all depends on what you want to do, and how you feel about your scar!

Microblading will still look 100% natural on you even if you don’t have any hair or are missing a large amount of hair. One of my passions is doing restorative work, and some of my favourite clients that I’ve worked on are those with alopecia, trichotillomania, or those who are post chemotherapy. There is something so beautiful and rewarding about giving someone a piece of their body back!

We pride ourselves on having an immaculate and sterile studio space. We only use single use, disposable needles and supplies. All supplies are kept in sterile packaging until you arrive and is discarded safely afterwards. Each of our stations are thoroughly disinfected before opening and after each procedure throughout the day.

We only use the highest quality pigments and materials in our studio. Our pigments are vegan, cruelty free, and most importantly, safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin. They do not leave any residual colour when they fade, and instead, only get lighter and lighter versions of the original colour until they are completely gone.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing used to create the look of realistic hair strokes. This technique uses cosmetic pigment and a single- use, sterile microblade to implant pigment beneath the skin. Microblading can help to add density and shape to existing eyebrows, or be used to create a completely natural looking set of eyebrows for those who have experienced partial or complete hair loss. Some reasons for hair loss include age, hormone issues, alopecia, trichotillomania, chemo treatments, and other autoimmune disorders.

Cosmetic tattooing is a technique used to gently enhance the natural looking features of the face. This semi-permanent technique can be used to enhance the shape and colour of the eyebrows, lips, hairline, etc. by creating micro strokes that mimic natural forms. The pigments used in cosmetic tattooing are formulated to match the skin and hair tones and fade away over time, so it does not have the long term commitment of a regular tattoo.

Body tattooing, which is permanent, uses a tattoo machine and ink to create artistic designs and drawings on the body.

Microblading, nano brows, and powder brows are all semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedures that can be used to enhance the appearance of the eyebrows.

The different services all use the same type of semi-permanent cosmetic pigment, but the method of application is different for each service, so all three services create very different final looks.

Microblading is the most natural looking technique because it is used to create fine, hair-like strokes in the skin. This technique will create a natural-looking and realistic appearance of hair. It uses a single, handheld microblade to create a single, very fine hair like line with each stroke.

Nano brows uses an electric tattoo machine but instead of filling in the eyebrow solidly, a single needle is used to create hair strokes. However, due to the mechanics of the needle and machine, the “hair strokes” are made out of tightly packed dots. The resulting hair strokes appears thicker, powdery and less realistic than microblading strokes.

Powder brows, also known as “ombre brows”, “shaded brows”, or “machine brows” also use an electric tattoo machine to create a single outlined shape and fill in the brow solidly. The result is a powdery, filled-in look that mimics the appearance of heavy makeup.

At NuTatu we ONLY offer Microblading.

You might consider microblading if:

  • You want the look of full and even brows.
  • You feel like your brows lack symmetry and balance (we all have a favourite brow, right?)
  • You’ve either lost or have never had thick brow hair and want a fluffier more youthful look.
  • You don’t wear makeup often or wish to wear less makeup but still want perfect brows.
  • You have sparse or patchy areas you’d like camouflaged.
  • You’ve yet to find the brow shape that compliments your facial structure

Whether your brows are sparse or uneven, or you’re looking for a low-maintenance, polished appearance, microblading is the best and most natural-looking way to perfect your current arches and because microblading is semi-permanent we can update your shape, colour and thickness as you age and trends change.

Absolutely! We love doing men’s brows!

In terms of the actual microblading technique, there is no difference between men and women’s microblading. The difference lies in the shape and style.

Ultimately, regardless of gender, our approach is tailored to the individual and their facial features and the goals they have about their cosmetic tattoo. Our signature style has been boiled down to a science and we ensure a hyper realistic result no matter the gender.

If you have questions about mens services in particular, email us here!

For most clients, a minimum of two treatments are usually needed, at least 8 weeks apart. With most procedures, the colour looks dramatically lighter after the first week. Some clients prefer this, while others opt for a bolder look. If you need a second session, we will assess the colour retention and make adjustments as necessary. Everyone heals differently and at different rates. If your cosmetic tattoo does not heal perfectly after the first session, do not worry! We can always go darker and add more density at your next appointment.

Absolutely! To make things as easy and convenient as possible for everyone, all appointments are booked through our online booking system HERE. Please note that we do not book appointments over the phone or in-studio.

Please note that there is a fee for the consultation, and if you choose to go forward with your tattoo appointment, the consultation fee will not get deducted or applied to the cost of your tattoo appointment.

How long does microblading last?
Microblading is a type of cosmetic tattoo and will not wash off, however, it will fade over time and may need to be refreshed every 2-3 years. Frequency of sessions depends on a number of factors including: the pigment colour used (lighter colours fade faster), lifestyle (sun exposure), and if any chemical peels come into contact with treated areas. If you eventually choose not to refresh your microblading, that’s okay too! Our pigments are designed to fade gradually.

The pigments we use in our studio are rigorously tested during manufacturing to ensure lightfastness, which means that your microblading will eventually fade away, getting lighter and lighter until its completely gone. It will not shift in hue or tone, and it will not leave any residual pigment behind.

What is scalp micropigmentation?
Scalp micropigmentation (otherwise called “SMP”) is a cosmetic procedure in which small, tiny dots of pigment are tattooed into the scalp to create the appearance of a fuller head of hair. The procedure is typically used to help men and women who are experiencing hair loss or balding, and can help to create the illusion of a closely-shaved head of hair or add density to thinning hair. SMP is considered a semi-permanent procedure and the pigments used will fade over time.

Yes! SMP is used to help both men and women who are experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, and balding. This technique will help to add density to thinning areas, restore receding hairlines, and re-create the look of a full head of hair.

Not at all! SMP only creates the look of hair by tattooing tiny dots on the scalp that resemble the appearance of hair follicles. It does not affect the hair growth because it only changes the appearance of the scalp by adding pigment to the surface of the skin. It does not change or affect the actual hair or the ability to grow hair.

Absolutely! SMPis designed to blend with your existing hair and create the appearance of a fuller head of hair. The pigments used are carefully matched to your natural hair colour and the impressions (dots) will be strategically placed to create the illusion of natural-looking hair growth.


Of course! The pigments used in SMP is matched to your hair follicle colour, not necessarily to the colour of your actual hair. If your hair is very light grey or white, it may be necessary to use a slightly darker coloured pigment to ensure we can achieve a natural looking result.

Yes! Your final result will look like a closely shaved head. In cases of total or near baldness, we can completely customize your final result in regards to hairline shape, overall hair density, and colour.

Absolutely! SMP is a safe and effective option for enhancing the results of your hair transplant by adding density and creating the illusion of more hair in areas of thinning. It is also a fantastic option to help cover and camouflage the scars from FUT or FUE hair transplants, as well as add density and create the illusion of more hair in areas of thinning. Please note that you must wait at least 1 year after your hair transplant before proceeding with Scalp Micropigmentation.

Yes! Scalp micropigmentation is the only way to truly and successfully camouflage a hair transplant scar. It will work with FUE and FUT scars. We have worked with many transplant patients and you can see some of our SMP work on those people HERE.

Women — No. We will tattoo through the hair you have to create the illusion of hair-like density and achieve a natural look.

Men — It depends on the specific areas of hair loss and thinning, and what your desired final look is. We will evaluate your individual case and provide a personalized plan to help you achieve the best results.

If you are using Finasteride/Propecia — You do not need to stop treatment, and you may continue usage before, during, and after your scalp micropigmentation sessions.

If you’re using Rogaine — You’ll need to temporarily pause treatment during the course of your scalp micropigmentation appointments, but it can be started again afterwards. Don’t worry, this temporary pause in treatment will not affect your hair growth results. Appointments are spaced closely together to minimize time in between sessions so you can get back to using your products asap!

Scalp micropigmentation is a type of cosmetic tattoo and will not wash off, however, it will fade over time and may need to be refreshed every 3-4 years. Frequency of sessions depends on a number of factors including: the pigment colour used (lighter colours fade faster), lifestyle (sun exposure), and if any chemical peels come

Scalp micropigmentation refreshers are typically recommended every 3-5 years, or whenever you need it. We don’t love putting people on a schedule because if it’s been 5 years and your results still look great and dark enough for your liking, then there’s no reason to come in for a touch up yet!

I have microblading from a previous studio that I’m not happy with. Can you correct it?
This is a tough one. Can we? Probably. Should we? Probably not. Your previous work will act as the foundation to our work, and I’m a firm believer that you can’t build a beautiful house on a bad foundation, and having previous work visible limits what we can achieve in regard to shape, style, and final outcome. When it comes to corrections, we simply aren’t able to guarantee our best work due to these limiting factors, and we wouldn’t want that for any of our clients. So, for clients who had have previous work from another studio, we ask you to email in photos of your brows for assessment. If they’re workable, we’ll let you know so you can proceed with booking an initial appointment. If your brows are not deemed workable, we’ll create a saline removal treatment plan for you so we can remove the old pigment and start fresh again with a blank slate!

Saline removal is the safest, quickest and most effective way of removing old microblading or eyebrow tattooing. The technique uses a specialized saline solution (salt + purified water) and a machine to break up and remove bad/unwanted pigment from the skin.

The most common reason is poor quality/botched microblading from an incorrectly done procedure and/or an inexperienced artist. If the pigment is placed too deeply or unevenly, it will not be able to fade out on its own. Additionally, if the brows were poorly shaped and are now too thick, too thin, or uneven, correction may not be possible, nor advisable, in most cases. In both of these cases, correction of these brows is not possible and saline removal will be required.

Saline removal gently breaks up the healed pigment and then lifts it out of the skin using a specialized saline removal solution. Once the saline is in the skin, it uses osmosis to pull the old pigment up and out. The skin containing the pigment will dry out, removing the pigment during the skins natural healing process. Depending on the size, depth, and darkness of the tattoo, multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired level of lightening or removal.

To remove cosmetic tattooing (microblading, nano brows, powder brows, lip blush, faux freckles) saline removal is the better choice. It is safer, quicker, gentler, and more effective than laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal can only remove certain colours and pigments, which means it will leave behind the colours its unable to remove. If a pigment is composed of black, red, and yellow, the laser tattoo machine might only be able to remove the black and red pigment, leaving behind the yellow pigment. Additionally, since laser tattoo removal machine can only remove one colour at a time, you will need a lot more sessions to target all of the different pigment colours.

On the other hand, Saline removal does not “see” colours, therefore, it will lighten the entire tattoo and all of the existing pigment at once, regardless of how many colours it is comprised of. We like to think of saline removal like a shovel, it simply picks up all of the pigment, and throws it right out. When in doubt, saline first, THEN laser.

We only use the best on the market: BOTCHED INK. Botched Ink is the most effective saline removal product due to its exceptionally high salt concentration. It uses dead sea salt and has the highest concentration of saline out of all the saline removal products on the market. It is especially made to remove and lighten cosmetic tattoos and has ingredients that are both effective at removing pigment and healing skin quickly.

Absolutely! Saline removal works incredibly well on old eyebrow tattoos and we’ve seen so much success in removing them so we can give lots of women new, more realistic and beautiful microblading!

The number of saline removal sessions you will need varies greatly depending on how saturated with pigment your eyebrows are, when you had them done, and how deep the pigment has been implanted. As a guide, we always recommend a client mentally and financially commit to at least 3 saline removal sessions. An estimate on how many sessions are needed for your specific case will be given after the first couple of saline removal sessions are completed and your healed results can be assessed.

If you received a fresh cosmetic tattoo and are unhappy with it, please contact us immediately. We can work on it up to 48 hours after you’ve gotten it done. If it has been more than 48 hours, you will need to wait a minimum of 6 weeks before starting saline removal treatments.

Not at all! Saline removal is a gentle process that has no negative effect on the hair follicles. Your hair growth will be unaffected.

Not at all! When saline removal is performed by a trained and experienced technician, no scarring or damage of the skin will happen. When performed correctly, saline removal is a gentle, effective, and quick way of removing unwanted cosmetic tattoos.

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