A Sneak Peek at The Microblading Healing Process

Before, during, and after microblading appointments, I hear a lot of the same questions: 

“Is this normal?”

“Are my brows supposed to look like this””

“What should I expect?”

So this blog post is your go-to guide on the day by day healing process of microblading!

Method: Microblading 

Skin Type: Combination/Oily

Goal: Natural, full, and FLUFFY! 

DAY 1: Helloooooo, Gorgeous! ✨🤩

You’ve just finished your appointment and you’re so excited because you’ve got some brand new brows and they’re beautiful. 

Your brows might be the tiniest bit tender, but I’ve got a very delicate hand when microblading, so you will not have any swelling, bruising or bleeding. 

DAY 3: Slightly Darker

The strokes will get a little bit darker and bolder, but it’s minimal and won’t interfere with any of your daily activities or work. My clients often say they really love this stage! 

DAY 5:

No flakes here! I use a moisturized healing process with my clients— which means every few hours you need to pat your brows with a damp paper towel, pat it dry, and then apply a healing balm that I provide to you. This prevents any scabbing, flaking, and itching and makes your healing process super quick and easy.

DAY 7/8: Almost There!

As you approach the end of the first week, you’ll notice your brows are nearly healed. The strokes will start to fade a little and your microblading 

DAY 10: Back to Normal!  

You’ve now reached the end of your healing process and you’ve got a lot to celebrate! Your brows are healed and they look amazing! But you’re not quite done yet— the full reveal takes 8 weeks. Over the next 8 weeks, the pigment colour will rise and become more visible, settling around 50% lighter than the first day and bringing your beautiful brows back to life! 

WEEK 8: The Final Reveal!  🎉

You’ve made it! You can now see the final result of our microblading session 8 weeks ago. They’re beautiful, they’re fluffy, and they look so very natural. Now’s the time to assess your healed result, and if you want to go bigger or bolder, now is the time to book your touch up! ☺


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